From the Legco Floor

Albert Yip in Legco, May 29 2013:

Do you support him?  Do you think he is too extreme?  Translation below:


If you want to talk about filibustering, when it comes to Hong Kong’s constitutional reform and universal suffrage, currently it is the pro-business and pro-Communist elite that are conducting the biggest filibuster of all time.  They have denied Hong Kongers their rights, delaying our promised universal suffrage year after year.  So if one is against filibustering, one must strongly oppose this shameless ongoing filibuster on us Hong Kongers’ most basic right of universal suffrage!

The leaders of the “Strong Country” claim to care about their image and reputation, but they are all nothing but a bunch of liars. They claim they are for the people, but their only purpose is to extend their corrupt existence.  They claim to love China, but many of them and their relatives hold foreign property and right of abode in secret.  “Love China?”  More like “love anywhere but China.”  So as you can see how extensive the lies of the Communist Party are.  They have cheated their own people for decades, and they are also cheating the people of Hong Kong.  They have now been telling their lie about granting Hong Kong universal suffrage for over twenty years, from the drafting of the Basic Law until now almost sixteen years since the Handover!  Back then, they stated universal suffrage would be permissible in 2007 (for the CE) and 2008 (for Legco).  Even the ever-loyal DAB supported this time-frame for universal suffrage.  But along came 2012, and now in 2020 we will still not have real universal suffrage!  [Yip asserts the systems being proposed for 2017 (CE) and 2020 (Legco) by Beijing do not provide true universal suffrage.]  Is this not the perfect example of lying and cheating?  How can these acts of lying and cheating be allowed to taint this sacred chamber today through the support of the DAB?  The pro-Beijing camp continues to put on a show.  “Sure, we’ll have a consultation when the time comes.”  That time was back in 2007 and 2008!  So to continue discussing this matter here is nothing but to allow the continuation of these lies; to allow the people of Hong Kong to continue to be cheated.

So, President, for the people of Hong Kong to continue to resort to mere words is simply pointless and fruitless.  For we have already seen too many lies the past twenty years, the same lies repeated shamelessly over and over again.  I asked my assistance to compile a timeline of constitutional reform in Hong Kong, and he returned with a list of over 40 dates over almost three decades when the central government made this or that decree, drafted this or that law, et cetera.  Other countries have achieved full universal suffrage for much less.  But Hong Kong merely continues to drag its feet well into its third decade of “reform”, and universal suffrage is still nowhere in sight.  Thus to continue to rely today on consultation and discussion, to hope that this autocratic regime in Beijing will somehow gift democracy to Hong Kong simply because we ask and beg,  is just stupid.

If we still dream to achieve universal suffrage via negotiation, maybe we should try resurrecting Deng Xiaoping from the dead to get universal suffrage from him.  I’m sure he’ll knock some heads around .  He’ll tell the Communists of today what’s what.  For he was the one who said that under “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong would be allowed to have democracy.  Now both he and Mrs. Thatcher are dead.

Thus the people of Hong Kong must fight for democracy themselves.  We must turn this Occupy Central movement into a revolution!  If you want universal suffrage, the right for the people to have a real say in who their leaders are, then join Hong Kong’s Jasmine Revolution!  I don’t know if [Occupy Central founder] Benny Tai has the conviction, especially now that his movement has been diluted by these so-called “pan-democrats”, to truly bring a revolution to Hong Kong.  But if the people of Hong Kong are truly united, then show it, with your blood and your sweat and your time in jail, or Hong Kong will never have democracy!

People are setting a date of July 1, 2014 for Occupy Central.  I say, occupy Central this July 1!  Not just to occupy, but to bring Central to its knees, and in every way possible!  Don’t just use your bodies, but your cars if you have them!  Earlier, when we were protesting outside the Government House, there was a person in a wheelchair who said “Come July 1, I will use this very chair to block the sidewalk and do my part to bring Central to a halt, and I will stay until Hong Kong achieves democracy!”  Even this wheelchair-bound person has this much conviction!  If the people of Hong Kong have the conviction to pursue democracy, forget the July 1 holiday.  We shall, on July 2, a working day, all drive to Central during the morning rush hour, and our cars will all “break down”, paralyzing the city!

So, Hong Kongers, have conviction, do not fear arrest; do not fear imprisonment. Do not fear losing your freedom in the short term, for fear will not grant you your true freedom!   Without democracy, Hong Kong is doomed to be a slave forever.   Now is the time to fight against the system.  Now is the time for revolution!  This July 1, Hong Kong’s Jasmine Revolution must begin!


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