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Fake accident scam spreads to HK

Hong Kong Daily News

Faking accidents for extortion: mainlanders bring their art to Hong Kong

“Car crash crews” have come to Hong Kong! Con artists in China have long claimed to be car causalities to coerce their victims into coughing up compensation, but the criminals have now spread their craft to our city. Recently, two drivers in Kowloon City and Mong Kok each found themselves the target of these thieves, who faked being hit in order to demand compensation from the pair. One of the two coughed up HKD 200, while the other was not so lucky, and was both fined and penalized points on his license. Continue reading


Shau Kei Wan murders related to Hong Kong residency dispute

A thriving business has emerged in Hong Kong of offering marriages of convenience for the sake of immigration.

‘Green-card’ marriages a lucrative business in Hong Kong (excerpt)

A mainland Chinese woman can find a Hong Kong man to marry for HK$50,000 (US$6,450). […] To earn permanent residency, the marriage has to last for at least seven years, during which time neither party can be declared bankrupt or be arrested. The opportunity to become a resident also evaporates if at any time during the seven years the nature of the couple’s marriage is discovered by the immigration department.

In the following case, the woman found a Hong Kong husband via other means and managed to stay the full seven years, but ended up paying with her life instead in a complicated “you go first, I’ll follow” immigration fraud chain.

Sing Tao Daily

Two-way permit holder chops girlfriend, attacks son and daughter with hammer — Angry at dashed residency dreams, he kills entire family Continue reading

More border tales

Are you ready?  Grocery carts as weapons, gate-crashing mama’s last stand lie, and more…

The Sun HK: Smuggling mom refuses to have luggage weighed, arrested for assault

A suspected “smuggling mama”  was carrying her goods northwards yesterday when she got involved in an altercation at Sheung Shui station.  The woman refused to have her luggage weighed and got into an argument with the station staff.  The spectacle attracted many onlookers, including a camera-wielding male passenger who was attacked by the above woman using her cart.  The woman was eventually arrested. Continue reading

“Foreign talent” doublespeak for “ethnic cleansing”

Imported labour = ethnic cleansing: a commentary on CY Leung’s speech on the labour shortage (輸入人才為名,族群清洗為實──評梁振英的人才短缺論)
– 萬逢達 for Passion Times, July 19, 2013

At a lunch function at the Hong Kong Association of Banks on Wednesday, Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung expressed that the city is facing a shortage of labour, suggesting that Hong Kong may need to rely on imported labour in the future. CY’s words closely match previous comments by Chief Secretary Carrie Lam at Legco, where she said the government “may consider” admitting parents of double-negative children into the city. [Translation note: Local-born children of two non-local parents are called double negatives as they are by law Hong Kongers even though both their parents are not.] To put it simply, the import of foreign labour is in truth the import of PRCs to facilitate the colonization of Hong Kong via ethnic cleansing. Continue reading

Traditional and Simplified Chinese

English: Chinese characters for "Chinese ...

English: Chinese characters for “Chinese characters.” First column in Traditional Chinese, second column in Simplified Chinese. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong Chau-sang has linked the used of simplified Chinese characters with the death of ancient Chinese culture.  While I personally think that the simplification of Chinese writing is nowhere near the most important killer of Chinese culture (which in itself makes the rather overreaching assumption that there is a singular, monolithic Chinese culture to speak of in the first place), let us take a look at the Chinese writing system(s) anyway. Continue reading

New indoctrination manual hitting the rounds in HK

The House News has released images of a new National Education book aimed towards primary school students and the contents are frankly a little unnerving.

“Hong Kong’s civil servants are chosen by Hong Kong people and are responsible for carrying out Hong Kong’s mission. Those in charge of Hong Kong affairs must love the motherland and love Hong Kong. This is the most basic requirement.”

Trying to force love, are we?  How Orwellian. Continue reading

Hong Kong pulls a Singapore on foreign labor

Goodbye Hong Kong, hello Xianggang. reports:

At the end of the recent Legco debate on “Formulating a population policy” (motion moved by DAB legislator and National People’s Congress deputy Ip Kwok-Him), Chief Secretary of Administration Carrie Lam expressed that the Hong Kong government would adopt a multi-pronged approach to attracting more human capital.  According to government statistics, most parents of “double negative children” (those born in Hong Kong to two non-local parents) have good education and employment statuses.  The government will thus consider accepting these parents for employment locally, opening the door for mainland and other foreign workers to fill the employment gap in Hong Kong. Continue reading

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