July 1 pre-march roundup

RTHK: Apple Daily newspapers torched again

Three men have threatened two newspaper workers in Central and burned about 26,000 copies of the Apple Daily.

Early on Sunday morning [June 30], the men, wearing masks and black clothes, pointed a beef knife at newspaper workers in Edinburgh Place and poured inflammable liquid on the newspapers before torching them.

Police believe the case – being treated as arson and criminal intimidation – is related to a series of recent incidents targeting the pro-democracy Next Media group.

The group’s chairman, Jimmy Lai, said he was not worried and that the “childish” acts would only drive more people to join the annual July 1 march.

Last Wednesday [June 26], two men burned copies of the Apple Daily inside a truck in Hung Hom – a week after a car rammed the front gate of Mr Lai’s house in Ho Man Tin. The perpetrators left an axe and a knife behind before fleeing the scene.

Next Media has offered a bounty of $1 million dollars for whoever catches the criminals responsible for the recent spate of attacks against the company.

The Standard: Metal barriers in store for July 1 protesters

Protesters will literally be marching behind bars on Monday. That is because police, for the first time, will use metal barricades along sections of the annual July 1 rally route instead of traffic cones.

Organizer Civil Human Rights Front accused the force of reneging on an agreement to use traffic cones linked by plastic tape.

Ming Pao: Surveillance cameras along protest route

Ming Pao reports that the police have installed additional surveillance cameras along the protest route, drawing condemnation from the Civil Human Rights Front, the organizers of the annual July 1 rallies.  Indeed the most surprising part may be the word “additional”, as there were no signs of such surveillance in previous years.

RTHK: Observatory considering no.3 signal

The standby signal number one remains in force as Tropical Storm Rumbia edges closer to Hong Kong. The Observatory says it will consider raising it to the strong wind signal number three later.

According to Apple Daily, if the No. 8 Typhoon Signal or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted before 12:30 today, the main protest will be postponed to July 7; however, a smaller contingent will still complete the march as scheduled.

Apple Daily: “Long Hair” warned to “behave” at July 1 rally

League of Social Democrats legislator Leung Kwok-Hung received a call yesterday warning him not to “pull any crap” at the July 1 rally or his colleagues would “bear the consequences”.  The caller went on to “advise” Leung to “disappear” for the day.  Leung has reported the incident to the police who are treating the case as one of criminal intimidation.

RTHK: CY Leung still sticking to catchphrase “at an appropriate juncture”

Mr Leung described as a major task of the current government the implementation of universal suffrage for the chief executive election in 2017, in accordance with [things most Hong Kongers don’t give a damn for].

He said the government would launch a consultation at an appropriate juncture.

Blah, blah, blah, delay, delay, blah, blah.

RTHK: Tam given top award in Honors List

Veteran Beijing-loyalist Maria Tam has been awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal.

[…]Ms Tam is an outspoken supporter of Beijing. In April, she weighed in on the debate over how universal suffrage should be implemented in the territory in 2017, saying the right to be elected is not universal.

Her controversial remarks were criticized by pan-democrats and legal experts, who accused her of “twisting facts” regarding people’s political rights guaranteed under an international covenant.

The “covenant”, of course, is the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

Dome Festival goes on with no cancellations

Meanwhile, the conveniently-timed (for the government) Dome Festival goes on with no reported drop-outs by any artists, not even RubberBand, despite their public condemnation of the event for drawing people away from the rally.


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2 thoughts on “July 1 pre-march roundup

  1. freehongkong July 19, 2013 at 10:14 am Reply

    Freedom of speech? Freedom of assembly? Yeah, right!
    Time for the people of Hong Kong to wake up. Honestly, why can’t these people see?
    Thanks for writing this!

  2. […] July 1 pre-march roundup (justanotherhker.wordpress.com) […]

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