Hong Kong pulls a Singapore on foreign labor

Goodbye Hong Kong, hello Xianggang.  Sina.com.hk reports:

At the end of the recent Legco debate on “Formulating a population policy” (motion moved by DAB legislator and National People’s Congress deputy Ip Kwok-Him), Chief Secretary of Administration Carrie Lam expressed that the Hong Kong government would adopt a multi-pronged approach to attracting more human capital.  According to government statistics, most parents of “double negative children” (those born in Hong Kong to two non-local parents) have good education and employment statuses.  The government will thus consider accepting these parents for employment locally, opening the door for mainland and other foreign workers to fill the employment gap in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s workforce diminishing; must be replenished

During the Legco session of July 3, Carrie Lam wrapped up debate on the motion on “Formulating a population policy” by stating that the government wished to maintain both the quality and size of Hong Kong’s working population.  As Hong Kong’s work force is expected to decline from 3.55 million in 2018 to 3.37 million in 2035, in order to sustain Hong Kong’s future economic growth, it must not only replenish this diminishing population, but also boost the quality of this workforce through education, training, and the import of skilled labor.

Hong Kong currently hosts about 200,000 “double negative children”.  While Hong Kong society has focused mainly on the educational needs of these children, some Legislative Councillors have proposed that accepting some of these children’s parents into Hong Kong’s workforce may be a way to solve our future labor shortages.  “Faced with Hong Kong’s low birth rate, and the positive government figures regarding the educational and occupational status of these parents, we should not only see these people by how they utilize Hong Kong’s resources, but also how they can give back to Hong Kong through its workforce.”

Carrie Lam expressed that the government would consider this proposal to allow some parents of “double-negative children” into the city, but will focus on the needs of local children first.  [Note: I’m not sure about the relationship between local children and Chinese parents, but I’m just trying to translate what is written.]

Attraction of mainland talent may follow Singapore’s model

To maintain Hong Kong’s competitiveness on the international stage and alleviate the problem of a diminishing workforce, the Hong Kong government will explore adding foreign labor as part of its population policy.  Carrie Lam believes that while the local government already has several programs for attracting foreign talent, the number of persons admitted under these current programs is extremely low.  According to government figures ending in 2012, Hong Kong has attracted 87,000 foreign workers under its general employment policy plus the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals and Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, accounting for 2.3% of the workforce.

As competition for talent increases both from China and abroad, Carrie Lam believes that the Hong Kong government should reflect on “whether we should be more proactive in attracting foreign talent to Hong Kong,” and that Singapore’s programs in this regard are worth studying.  “Of course, we understand that we must also provide adequate support services for those who come and stay.”

Since Carrie Lam brought it up, let us talk about Singapore.  Yahoo News reported on a recent protest (which are all but unheard of in Singapore) against plans to increase the city-state’s already large immigrant population:

A huge crowd turned up at the Speaker’s Corner at Hong Lim Park Wednesday afternoon to again protest the government’s plans to let in more immigrants to counter Singapore’s ageing population.

Wire agency AFP estimated the crowd reached 3,000 people though event organizer Gilbert Goh eventually put the final number between 5,000 and 6,000.singapore_for_singaporeans singaporeans_extinct_2030

[…]”The employment pass allows companies to hire 100 per cent foreigners, and I don’t think this is right. There is a quota for S pass. Why don’t they put a quota for the employment pass? They are the greatest competition for educated Singaporeans,” Goh asserted.

Anti-foreigner sentiment has been rising in Singapore with many citizens blaming immigrants for pushing up the cost of living, taking jobs away from locals and straining infrastructure.

Just like Hong Kong, eh?

Meanwhile, our government has done pretty much nothing to encourage the replenishment of Hong Kong’s population by plain old having sex and giving birth.  It’s all part of the master plan to flush out Hong Kong of all localist sentiment by bringing in as many Chinese as possible while minimizing incentives for locals to raise kids.  Our education system is terrible (which is why international schools are so hot), the working conditions are toxic (meaning parents are spending their nights working overtime rather than with their children), and locals have to fight with the Chinese every step of the way from obtaining milk powder to obtaining college places.  With luck, the Chinese government and its local puppets will have us extinct long before Singapore’s 2030 (see above photo).

A Taiwan tour guide told me the island gives cash incentives to encourage people to have children there.  With the government’s huge yearly surpluses, I’m sure Hong Kong could do the same if it wanted.  The people of Hong Kong just need to kick out the current government (in 2017 or earlier) and get access to its own money first.


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