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Are you ready?  Grocery carts as weapons, gate-crashing mama’s last stand lie, and more…

The Sun HK: Smuggling mom refuses to have luggage weighed, arrested for assault

A suspected “smuggling mama”  was carrying her goods northwards yesterday when she got involved in an altercation at Sheung Shui station.  The woman refused to have her luggage weighed and got into an argument with the station staff.  The spectacle attracted many onlookers, including a camera-wielding male passenger who was attacked by the above woman using her cart.  The woman was eventually arrested.

The woman, surnamed Pang (age 37), was at the station at 3 p.m. yesterday with her son and carrying a full shopping trolley.  She was headed for the border when she was stopped at the gates by the station staff who requested that her luggage be weighed.  The woman refused, claiming that her goods were “very light”, and got into a heated argument with the staff.

A Mr. Lau (age 52) took a photograph of the altercation, which was noticed by Miss Pang, who shouted in broken Cantonese, “What the hell are you taking pics for?”  Miss Lau also shoved her cart towards Mr. Lau, although she failed to injure him initially.  Mr. Lau continued to take pictures, and Miss Pang continued to yell at him and shove her cart at him, eventually knocking him over.  Miss Pang was eventually arrested, while Mr. Lau was taken to the hospital to have his leg treated.  Meanwhile, Miss Pang’s son was found to have disappeared during the fracas, but he eventually returned.



Oriental Daily: Anchor Baby Got HK Birth Certificate After Mother Lay on Floor at Immigration Office

Despite the “zero quota” policy, the loophole of any Chinese born on Hong Kong soil immediately becoming a Hong Kong resident is not closed.  This week, a pregnant woman who repeatedly attempted to gate-crash the Hong Kong border went to labour during her final attempt and ended up giving birth in the city.  [Earlier version translated by therealhknews: Part 1, Part 2]

In an attempt to obtain a Hong Kong birth certificate for her Hong Kong born “double-negative” baby, a mainland mother lay herself and her baby on the floor of the Immigration Department offices.  The mother, visiting from Fujian on a two-way permit, had originally made an attempt to enter Hong Kong last month in a 7-seater van, but was turned away.  The woman returned two days later, going into labour while at immigration, and was sent to a Hong Kong public hospital to give birth.  She was later arrested on suspicion of making false statements to the Immigration Department.

Yesterday, the woman brought her baby, who had just turned one month old, to the Immigration Department offices at Kowloon Bay.  She claimed that her two-way permit was about to expire (her husband had already left) and demanded a birth certificate for her child immediately.  When declined by the department, the woman lay down on the floor of the office in protest.  The disturbance lasted four hours until the police finally got the woman to leave with her child.



The woman, (age 29, surnamed Jiang), and her husband (surnamed Xu, pronounced Hui in Cantonese)  are allegedly from Fujian province.  The couple run a pharmacy and already have one son and one daughter.

So much for one-child policy.

Reports claim that on June 22, the pair attempted to enter Hong Kong at the Huanggang-Lok Ma Chau border in a seven-seater van, but were stopped by immigration who saw that Miss Jiang was pregnant.  The pair claimed that Miss Jiang was only seven months pregnant, but were refused entry to Hong Kong as they could not provide any documentation regarding maternity ward reservation.

According to the woman’s uncle (堂叔 or father’s younger male cousin on his father’s side), a Hong Kong pharmacist surnamed also surnamed Xu(Mandarin)/Hui(Cantonese), the couple again attempted to gate-crash Hong Kong on July 24.  Miss Jiang began contractions while at the Lo Wu crossing and was sent to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin, where she give birth to a girl.[…]

Husband already returned to China as permit expired

The woman had previously been arrested after giving birth in Hong Kong on the charge of providing false information to the Immigration Department [regarding her June 22 immigration attempt].  She had also previously applied for a birth certificate for her daughter, but was denied due to lack of documentation.  At 10 am yesterday, the woman went with her Hong Kong relative to the Immigration Department investigative headquarters in Kowloon Bay.  She claimed that her two-way permit was due to expire and that her husband had already returned to China for permit reasons, but she would not leave until she obtained a birth certificate for her daughter.  She also threatened to leave her daughter behind in Hong Kong if she could not obtain a birth certificate for her before being forced to leave.

Miss Jiang then became even more agitated and lay herself and her daughter down on the floor of the Immigration office.  Miss Jiang ignored the pleadings of the Immigration officials and even her daughter’s own crying.  The police were finally called after about an hour.  It was only then that Miss Jiang began to calm down and feed her baby.  After the Immigration Department explained matters to her, she eventually left the office to process an extension of her stay in Hong Kong.  The elder Mr. Hui claimed that the department would contact them on Friday [today] regarding their case.

The Immigration Department says that Miss Jiang remains on bail for the charge of providing false information to an immigration officer, and that the procedures for extending her stay in Hong Kong have been completed.  The department will process the child’s birth certificate application only after all investigations are completed.

Apple Daily: Meisha border crossing to reopen, 30-minute ferry rides into Hong Kong


Source: Apple Daily, Google Maps(?)

The Shenzen Evening Post reported that the Meisha border crossing, previously disused for 28 years, will be reopened.  This would allow for ferries to travel from Meisha to Shatin in just 30 minutes, one hour less than the current route via Lo Wu or Sha Tou Kok.

The Meisha port was first opened on July 11, 1984 [the Joint Declaration was signed on December 19 of that year] by the State Council and administered by the Hong Kong Ferry Company.  It’s main purpose was to attract more Hong Kongers to visit Shenzhen.  A temporary pier was established at Ma Liu Shui, Sha Tin to handle ferry traffic to/from Meisha.  However, the Meisha port was abandoned in 1985 due to lack of patronage.

Yantian, where Meisha is situated, is apparently a rapidly-expanding district in eastern Shenzhen that does not have it’s own metro line yet, but is scheduled to get it in 2018 according to Wikipedia.  More visitors for us, yaaaaay…

Meanwhile, on the northwestern front:

ET Net: Sun Hung Kai to open V City mall in Tuen Mun, expected annual turnover HKD 2 billion, rents up to HKD 280 per square foot

SHK acting executive director Wong Chun Hwa [note: my transliteration] announed at a press conference that the new mall V City built on top of Tuen Mun station would open on August 1, and that all units have been rented out.  The patronage of the mall is expected to reach 50 million visitors per year, with a turnover of HKD 2 billion.

That’s 136,986 visitors every day, more than this year’s July 1 rally according to the police and Hong Kong University.

Mr. Wong claimed a 90% occupancy rate for opening day, to reach full occupancy in September.  He believes the current rental market in New Territories West to be stable and at a reasonable level.

[…]SHK acting Assistant Manager (Rental affairs) Miss Suen said that the mall will cater to locals, Chinese, and other foreigners, but that locals will come first, especially Tuen Mun residents.  She expects that locals will make up 80 percent of the mall’s patronage.  She also says that the mall will cater primarily to young people, Tuen Mun having the highest proportion of youth in Hong Kong.

In the unlikely event that you actually believe her, read on.

Miss Suen also said that daily cross-border bus services will increase from 200 to 500 trips per day.


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  1. myhongkonghusband July 26, 2013 at 4:35 am Reply

    argh, it makes me so annoyed. especially they run a pharmacy, she could afford another child. I hate people abusing systems of other countries, same in America – they just come there to give a birth so in future either child can ‘pull’ them there or pay less for it’s education. ( >.<'''')

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