It’s not about the swearing

On Sunday, there was a major quarrel in Mong Kok’s pedestrian area.  On the surface, it seems that the quarrel was brought about by the case of a primary school teacher, Alpais Lam Wai-sze (林慧思), using profanity at a group of police at an earlier altercation between the Hong Kong Youth Care Association and Falun Gong practitioners, at which Miss Lam was a bystander.  This, however, is only half-correct.  The use of profanity by Miss Lam is not the issue at hand.


First, let us make it very clear that the HKYCA is a communist front group that couldn’t care less about Hong Kong’s youth.  It’s sole purpose is the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong.  Now I don’t care what your opinion is of Falun Gong; persecution is persecution.  BadCanto has written a detailed a account of the HKYCA’s activities and communist ties on his blog, and also of the current incident.

Since the founding of the HKYCA, the two groups have been engaged in a bitter banner war, with many tourist spots converted into scenes like this:

via Facebook.  Note the lack of youth in the Hong Kong Youth Care Association.

(Source: Facebook) Note the lack of youth in the Hong Kong Youth Care Association.

This is not to mention the continuous fights breaking out whenever the two groups met.  Despite a half-hearted government crackdown in April, the war has continued, which brings us to the incident of July 22.

A video was uploaded onto YouTube on July 22, showing Ms Lam shouting profanities at the police.  Naturally, this was only half the story.  What Ms Lam was protesting about was the police handling of yet another incident of HKYCA squaring off with Falun Gong practitioners.  The police had cordoned off the two groups together, giving the HKYCA free reign to take over the Falun Gong booth.  This upset many bystanders, not just Miss Lam, who accused the police of siding with the communists (again, I stress that HKYCA, despite its name, is a communist front organization.)

Miss Lam issued an apology through her school on July 26 regarding the use of profanity, however pro-communist forces in Hong Kong continued to attack her.  This brings us to the main point: Miss Lam is not being attacked because of her use of profanity.  She is being attacked because pro-Beijing forces want to get rid of her for standing up to them.  The day after her apology, Hong Kong newspaper Wen Wei Po (yes, their official “English” name really says “Po” instead of “Post”) issued a further attack on Miss Lam, detailing her and her father’s ties to the League of Social Democrats.  The issue of a teacher using profanity quickly became inseparable from the larger political issue.

via BadCanto

Anti-Lam banners and funeral wreaths in her name have been placed outside Miss Lam’s school, dragging innocent schoolchildren into the affair.  The constant barrage of attacks have been compared to the struggle sessions of the Cultural Revolution, in which “capitalists”, “counterrevoluntionaries”, and “running dogs of the imperialists” were subject to public humiliation until they confessed to their “crimes”, many of which were then killed.

All of this cumulated in last Sunday’s incident when the pro-communists, conducting a rally in Mong Kok against Miss Lam, faced off against supporters of Miss Lam, those who simply wanted to call the pro-communists out for their bull****, and those opposing perceived police bias towards pro-Beijing groups.  Meanwhile, Miss Lam has apologized again for her use of profanity, but staunchly refuses to apologize for her opposition to the rise of communist forces in Hong Kong, to which I say: good for her.


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