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In present times, the behavior of pro-Beijing/pro-Communist groups in Hong Kong have been said to be similar to that during the Cultural Revolution.  Most recently, the relentless persecution of teacher Alpais Lam for a few bad words in public has been compared with the “struggle sessions” of Cultural Revolution.  Communist propaganda is everywhere, even/especially in primary education textbooks.    There have even been calls for blood.  Back in January, a Hong Kong delegate to the Guangdong CPPCC threatened to cut off Hong Kong’s water supply in order to teach us “ingrates” a lesson.  The only time it actually happened?  In 1967, during the Cultural Revolution.

To understand just how bad things could possibly get, one should first look at where we’ve been. I dug up this article from the Hong Kong Public Libraries’ online archive.  This is from the 1967 riots, the overflow of the Cultural Revolution into Hong Kong.  The story is of the era’s most high-profile victim.

(Riot leader Tsang Tak-sing’s brother is the current president of the Legislative Council.  Another riot leader, Yeung Kwong, was in 2001 conferred the Grand Bauhina Medal, Hong Kong’s highest “honor”.  The communist mouthpiece Ta Kung Po, who ran the same story as “Undercover commandos eliminate traitor, scumbag Lam Bun suffers severe injuries”, is still around today and still spewing crap.)


華僑日報 Wah Kiu Yat Po 1967/08/25

Leftist thugs continue terrorist murders

Commercial Radio’s Lam Bun severely burned yesterday morning

Translator’s note: Lam Bun had died by the time this story made it to press. Based on context, 兄弟 here likely means 堂兄弟.


Lam and his younger cousin were driving onto Man Fuk Road when they were attacked by thugs who incinerated their car with a petrol bomb, lighting the two on fire.  The car rolled forward over a hundred feet before stopping.  The Lam cousins suffered serious injuries.

(特訊) 昨晨在九龍窩打老道山文福道,遭暴徒以出襲電油彈襲擊受重傷之香港商業廣播電台節目監製人林彬及其族弟林光海,刻仍在九龍伊利沙伯醫院留醫,情況十分嚴重,迄未渡過危險時期。據說林氏兄弟兩人,全身被灼至重傷,入院時已不能說話。昨午商業電台之負責人及其親友,已趕往醫院探望。

(Special report) Yesterday morning at Man Fuk Road, Commercial Radio producer Lam Bun and his cousin Lam Gwong-Hoi sustained serious injuries when attacked by thugs using a petrol bomb. They remain at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in critical condition and have not yet escaped the danger period. Reports say the Lam cousins were burnt across their entire bodies and were unable to speak when admitted to hospital. The head of Commercial Radio and the cousins’ [?] relatives have already rushed to visit the hospital yesterday afternoon.


The police are investigating the case and a bounty of fifty thousand Hong Kong dollars has been posted for bringing those involved to justice. The government news agency stated yesterday: Commercial Radio producer Lam Bun and his younger cousin Lam Gwong-hoi were near the intersection of Man Wan Road and Man Fuk Road in Waterloo Hill around 9am [yesterday] when they were attacked by thugs using a petrol bomb.  The Lam cousins were burnt in the incident, as was their car.  According to reports from [yesterday] afternoon, both men’s injuries are extremely severe.


Lam Bun, the Commercial Radio host burned by the leftist petrol bomb attack, had previously worked for Radio Television Hong Kong before switching to Commercial Radio as a programme host upon its establishment.  He was later promoted to producer.  Lam Bun also starred in the radio show “Diary of a Big Man”.


Lam Bun was still able to speak after being burnt; while being delivered to hospital, he screamed in pain: “The leftists have murdered me!”  Lam Bun was severely injured with his chest and back burnt all over.  He said he didn’t feel any pain until partway to the hospital.


According to reports, Lam Bun’s murder attempt was premeditated.  An issue of “Tin Fung War Post” published on 3 Aug 1967 included a column titled “Tin Fung War Post dog racetrack” [anti-leftists were often called running dogs of the British] in which twenty people including Lam Bun were named.

Illegal publication “Tin Fung War Post” previously revealed plot to assassinate Lam Bun


The leftists had a burning hate for Lam Bun and Woo Ke (host of “Can’t Stop If I Wanted”) and wished to kill them.


The aforementioned column said of Lam and Woo:


As to low-class dogs #5 and 6 (Lam Bun and Woo Ke), they seem to be lacking in capability.  However, they have stood out the most recently, barking all day.  They even seem to be good targets for training.  Still, they are merely destined to be also-rans; if one were to train them harder, these two dogs would either be killed by their trainers [lit. “be destroyed by human hands”] or simply die of their own accord from over-exertion.


The column was signed “Dog slaughterer”.  The phrases “be destroyed by human hands” and “die of their own accord” show that the leftist thugs already had the intention to assassinate Lam Bun.


Lam Bun lived with his wife Anna Cheng, their three daughters, Lam Gwong-hoi and his wife at Flat 16D, Yan Wah Court, 12 Man Fuk Road, Waterloo Hill.  Lam Gwong-hoi,  who was injured along with Lam Bun, is his cousin who also works at Commercial Radio (in editing). The two were sharing a car on the way to work [yesterday] morning when the attacked occurred.


Lam Bun collaborated with other radio stars such as Wan Fong-ling to star in several movies such as “Diary of a Husband” and “Rickshaw Love”.


在窩打老道持紅綠旗  暴徒扮修路工人投彈
Carrying traffic flags, thugs attack at Waterloo Road disguised as road workers


According to reports at the site, Lam Bun and his cousin Lam Gwong-hoi were travelling in a blue Volkswagen with license plate AF7268 at around 8:45am on Man Fuk Road, as they approached Man Wan Road, they came across a construction zone which restricted traffic to one side of the road. Suddenly, four large men around thirty years of age appeared at the side of the road carrying red and blue flags as if to direct traffic.  The Lams did not suspect a trap and slowly drove through the construction zone when suddenly one of the men shoved an object through the window (suspected to be a Molotov cocktail).  The object exploded with great volume and set off an explosion and fire.  The Lams fled the car from both doors with their clothes and hair on fire.  The situation was very horrific.  The car, now driverless, rolled tens of yards before coming to a stop while still burning.


When nearby residents saw the incident, they immediately contacted the police while others rushed to aid the victims.  Before long, a large group of police arrived and immediately sealed the crime scene for investigation.


Lam Bun lived at flat 16D, Yan Wah Court, Waterloo Hill, with his wife, three children, and Lam Gwong-hoi and his wife.  On the morning of the attack, he was wearing a red shirt with black and white stripes and suit pants.  He was driving himself when the attack occurred.


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